Nicely-identified portrait photographer and YouTuber Manny Ortiz manufactured this 5.5-moment video clip in which he shares his go-to natural beauty lights setup that assures beautiful and flattering studio portraits time and time again.

When it arrives to studio portrait photography setups, the sky is the restrict.  Photographers can use intricate arrangements of multiple lights to obtain beautiful final results, but for people who want a more simple strategy, Ortiz’s tutorial demonstrates a two-gentle set up that provides reputable results. If Ortiz had to select one studio light set up for the relaxation of the year, he suggests this would be the one particular.

For his two lights, Ortiz uses a C-stand, which has an supplemental leg that permits him to mount the next light-weight on. This usually means that the two lights are mounted on just one stand and can be quickly moved around possibly in the studio or on location.

In the video above, Ortiz utilizes two Westcott FJ400 Strobe lights with a Westcott FJ-X2M Universal Wi-fi induce on his camera which lets seamless control of both lights.

For the primary light-weight — immediately higher than the model’s head and angled down — Ortiz has a 36-inch Westcott softbox, when the bottom mild has a Westcott 1×4′ Swift Box Switch Strip mounted on it.

Shot using two strobes

The positioning of each lights and their distance from the track record is vital, states Ortiz. During the first couple test photographs, he advises to glimpse out for catchlights in the subject’s eyes and whether or not the background demands to be darker or lighter. To make the history darker, the topic and the lights only have to have to be moved a number of steps farther away from it.

For this shot, Ortiz’s key concentration was to take out any ambient gentle present in his studio, which he did by making use of 1/400s, ISO 100, and modified his aperture so he can not see the product on his rear screen any longer, which means that none of the lights existing in the studio influence the exposure of the shot.

SOOC shot applying one light-weight and a reflector

While making use of a reflector alternatively of a second mild would be the less expensive possibility, it is also much more limiting. Applying two lights presents the photographer specific control of every single light-weight and both of those can be tweaked to accomplish the wished-for end result and it results in a additional well balanced outcome on the pores and skin, too. This also usually means that there is significantly less retouching to do not just on the subject’s skin but also on the qualifications which comes out in a much more even color if shot with two lights.

To see the situation each individual gentle was angled and how Ortiz posed his design, take a appear at the online video earlier mentioned. Much more of Ortiz’s YouTube films can be noticed on his channel and his portfolio can be viewed on his Instagram site.

Picture credits: Both of those pictures by Manny Ortiz and utilized with permission.