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Complete Circle Dance Firm Makes use of Overall performance as a Vehicle for Storytelling
by Grace Hebron
Printed November 8 in Baltimore Journal

Excerpt: On a summer season Thursday close to 9 p.m. at Morton Avenue Dance Centre in Woodberry, the Complete Circle Dance Company is midway by way of one particular of their biweekly courses. Dressed in leggings and a T-shirt like her learners, Donna L. Jacobs scans the area and counts them off.

“And a few, 4, five, six, 7, eight—step proper, still left, back again, and release,” suggests Jacobs, pictured, standing on the sideline as the dancers do the job their way by way of combos. “Parallel, set it down. Issues?”

There are spurts of laughter listed here and there as Jacobs continues her instruction. But when the lesson is over—and the serious rehearsal begins—the temper tones down as each and every dancer will take their situation on the ground. Kicking, pushing, twisting, and embracing to the sounds of wistful tunes from a notebook in the corner, the team is in the closing extend of sprucing a piece for their future functionality.

“This is a flexibility for us,” suggests Jacobs, founder and creative director of Total Circle. “Our dancers appear from all walks of life…but we drop all of all those items when we wander into the studio at evening. We share this frequent detail that several of us have accomplished for all of our lives. It is an amazing journey.”