Review unit offered by Benks

I reviewed the Benks Infinity magnetic iPad stand a few months ago and now there’s a new product out, just in time for the Apple M2 iPad Pro release.

This new design is called the Benks Infinity Professional Magnetic iPad Stand. The value is US $86 to $96 dependent on the iPad model.

Here is the price comparison chart with the before model. Selling prices are inclusive of worldwide free transport.

The main marketing position of the new model (still left) is the rotating foundation.

It really is nonetheless foldable like the before design, just that it will not fold as flat due to the thicker cylindrical stand.

The huge rubber padding beneath the foundation has exceptional grip on desk.

Rotation works perfectly and you will find some clicking mechanism to keep the placement so that the base won’t spin repeatedly, or rotate with accidental knocks.

The downside is the clicking seem is rather loud when rotating. It’s as loud as a mouse clicking.

This is a attractive stand. Make top quality is great considering the fact that as most components are manufactured of metal apart from for the rubber padding beneath the foundation and on the magnetic attachment plate.

The metal has a nice matte textured surface area. All edges are beveled. The general structure is clear and minimalist.

The magnetic attachment is really sturdy so you can find tiny probability of the tablet dislodging even with accidental knocks.

The best hinge is extremely tight which is pleasant.

The bottom hinge is restricted but it is really not robust ample to hold the tablet when the stand is tilted way too lower. The stand is effective effectively and is steady when the stand is much more upright or vertical, as proven in the picture above.

These are the suggested angles for use. The tablet can be made use of in portrait mode as well and you can transform conveniently with just a single hand.

The before model has a lot stronger foundation hinge but that product will not rotate.

So now you have two structure possibilities to choose from. Just make confident you get the appropriate product for the iPad you have.

If you happen to be interested to get the stand, you can get it in this article from Benks on line store