Black and white photography has unique qualities that are as strong today as they always were. Timeless, gritty, truthful and classic are all common ways of describing black-and-white photography. Despite the advent of mass-produced colour film, which made everyone think black-and-white would fall out of fashion, even after nearly 200 years since Joseph Nicéphore Niépce made the first black-and-white photograph, mono remains as popular as ever.

One of the great advantages of digital photography is that you can capture colour and black-and-white images on a whim – switching between colour and black and white is as easy as diving into a menu. It’s definitely much easier than having to change a roll of film.

But black and white photography is not simply about removing the color. We reveal some hints, tips and smarts for shooting better black-and- white images, helping you to create truly majestic moments in monochrome.