Artist Jennifer Morrison produces stunning, hyper-realistic colored pencil drawings. Abide by together to Jennifer’s video tutorial as she shares her method for drawing a hyper-reasonable hydrangea applying Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor pencils.


  • Strathmore 400 Series Printmaking Paper, 280gsm, medium textured tender surface
  • Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor Pencils in
    • Delft Blue
    • Violet
    • Light-weight Violet
    • Deep Cobalt
    • Blue Violet
    • Darkish Violet
    • Sky Blue
    • Magenta
    • White
    • Darkish Gray
  • Princeton Select Artiste Flat Shader Brush, Sizing 2
  • Coloured Pencil Solvent
  • Mini eraser & electric eraser

Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor pencils are oil-centered, watertight, gentle-resistant, and occur in 72 vivid colours. They mix and dissolve superbly with solvents, which is an essential element of Jennifer’s colored pencil do the job.

Strathmore 400 Sequence Printmaking Paper is large excess weight at 280gsm and has a medium textured area that’s fantastic for developing up layers and mixing coloured pencils.

Colored Pencil Testing and Swatching

Any time Jennifer is making an attempt out new pencils she swatches them on the exact paper she will be doing her drawing on for accurate shade representation because colours can glance diverse among paper sorts. To test the pencils, she separates them into color groups and creates tiny swatches with the pencil color name following to it.

Watch Jennifer’s process for tests and swatching her pencils in this article:

Coloured Pencil Hydrangea Tutorial

Stick to together as Jennifer shares her ideas for drawing this gorgeous purple and blue hydrangea. Jennifer acknowledges this reference image may surface definitely intimidating and like there is a whole lot likely on, but this signifies you can make a error and it won’t be pretty recognizable.  If a person petal is marginally off or the erroneous color, no one will ever know.  If you break this down like a puzzle and attract just one petal at a time, even a novice will have a breathtaking drawing in the finish.

Reference Impression:

Reference Define:

Comply with together to the video clip tutorial:

Recommendations from Jennifer:

Follow your colors on a different sheet of drawing paper until you locate the blends that you are content with. The pencils blend superbly, so you should be equipped to develop infinite combos. Jennifer made use of a whole lot of deep cobalt for the brightest blue and magenta to brighten up the purples.

To make each and every petal standout individual and prevent a large purple blob, Jennifer outlined every petal with a sharp pencil. The Polycolor pencils keep a point really properly, letting for effortless sharp edges. 2nd, Jennifer manufactured each and every petal a a little distinctive colour than the 1 upcoming to it, even if it went versus the reference graphic. Last, Jennifer ensured the shadows had been darkish plenty of and the spotlight bright plenty of to develop contrast.

Jennifer layered black and dark grey on top rated of the blue and purples in some of the petals to maximize the values of all those shades and make more refined shadows on the petals themselves.

Jennifer utilised the white Polycolor pencil to safeguard the paper the place she preferred the brightest highlights. You can use an electric powered erase to brighten the highlights even even further.