A tranquil character examine that someplace alongside the line morphs into a Costa Rican edition of “Carrie,” “Clara Sola” mixes faith, mysticism and sexuality in a way that feels at the same time odd, disquieting and richly worthwhile. It starts out superbly restrained and ends up somewhere else fully, but it’s all the much more appealing for its break up identity.

The very first function from Costa Rican-Swedish director Nathalie Álvarez Mesén, “Clara Sola” premiered at the Cannes Movie Competition Thursday afternoon in the Administrators Fortnight sidebar. The film’s star, Wendy Chinchilla, is also building her aspect-film debut she’s a Costa Rican dancer with no working experience in movie but a effective existence that speaks volumes as a result of stillness.

Chinchilla plays Clara, a 40-12 months-outdated girl with a spinal problem that keeps her in discomfort. She spends her lifetime, it would seem, communing with her horse, Yuca, and bowing to the requires of her mother, who tells the townspeople that Clara is a healer who has seen the Virgin Mary and has fixed cancer. She trots Clara out for therapeutic rituals in their tiny dwelling, but or else keeps her daughter less than her thumb, heading so far as to refuse a local doctor’s advice that Clara get an procedure to repair her backbone.

“God gave her to me like this,” her mom says. “She stays like this.”

Clara, for her aspect, submits to the limitations that have been put on her she’s way too meek to obstacle her mother, or far too overwhelmed down to resist any longer. She has no company in her possess lifestyle, a reality that is presented basically, with relentless understatement.

When Clara rebels, she nearly looks to do it unconsciously, with little signals that she might be experiencing a quite belated sexual awakening. She absently touches herself as she watches Television set, until eventually her mom freaks out, grabs Clara and rubs her fingers in warm chiles Clara complies, passive and even now.

At to start with, the motion picture connects with that stillness it sits back again and quietly observes, with minimal or no audio for long stretches. When the new music does come in, it is usually spare: plucked strings and minimal else. The glance and come to feel of the film is grounded in earth and mud and bugs and rain, but there is also a mild mysticism at function that’s common to fans of South and Central American cinema.

Clara’s mother demands that her daughter never change, that she stay in plainness and in suffering and care only about therapeutic other individuals, or at the very least convincing other people that she can mend them. But slowly, we see Clara’s riot start off to manifest: At very first she merely declares that she wishes a blue dress, a prospect that shocks her mom – but it’s very clear that what she genuinely would like is to be touched, to embrace the actual physical in a way she’s never ever in advance of done.

As Clara’s enthusiasm begins to awaken, so does “Clara Sola.” When she sees her younger niece getting sexual intercourse with her boyfriend, she masturbates in the woods and is promptly surrounded by fireflies. At a specified position, it does appear that she has powers – but do people powers come from the spiritual shrine in the residing home, or from emergingn sexuality?

You won’t essentially find the answer in Álvarez Mesén’s movie, but you will find a film that itself becomes more intense together with its heroine. And when things arrives to a head at her niece’s 15th birthday social gathering, it’s difficult not to consider of the climactic prom scene in Brian DePalma’s “Carrie” – not in the perception of buckets of blood or something like that, but in the way both equally films counsel that repressing feminine needs by using faith or anything else can conclude extremely, pretty poorly.

That sequence, and the enormously evocative but ambiguous one that follows to conclude the movie, are very little like what you may well assume through the opening stretches of “Clara Sola.” Álvarez Mesén might be a first-time element director, but she has plenty of regulate to take an austere, unsettling drama with a touch of magical realism and flip it into a wild ride, all with out shedding its intricate heart.

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