If you want to open up home windows to undiscovered worlds or simply get a new perspective on the one you are dwelling in right now, Julius Kahkonen is your male. Making use of his personal images and a variety of different enhancing techniques, this Finnish artist and voyager features an invitation that is hard to go on. 

And so in this week’s On The Location, we’re permitting Julius choose us on a journey, as we comply with his mother nature-impressed inventive ventures. You’re coming with us, no excuses!

You may possibly be a globetrotter, but there has to be one particular spot you get in touch with dwelling. In which is it?

I like to travel and there are quite a few places I come to feel extremely comfortable at, but Finland is tough to defeat. It is wherever I grew up, and no subject wherever I go, Finland usually feels the most property to me. I also attract a whole lot of inspiration and motivation from photographing in Finland, and I come about to come from a really wildlife-wealthy spot. I received into wildlife images generally because of my house. 

Yet another area that feels like home, and where by I probably have the most work from, is Lofoten. I enjoy mountains and discover myself at peace although hiking in the course of summer time evenings in Lofoten. The sun hardly ever sets and in standard, the atmosphere and landscapes are out of this planet.

What conjures up you the most? 

For a lengthy time, I was generally impressed by nature landscape paintings. Today, I’d say my largest inspiration is my travels. Being ready to see and capture so lots of attractive places normally opens my innovative brain to new options. 

You are your have manager. How did you get to wherever you are now? 

I commenced pictures again in 2016 and to start with shared my visuals on my personal Instagram profile. I never ever truly understood I experienced an entrepreneurial or artistic facet to me but when I picked up a camera and Photoshop, it just felt so proper. I felt like I had uncovered my enthusiasm. I would edit visuals and artworks every single working day as element of a regime, without the need of any certain purpose. 

It was not right until my Guiding Light artwork – which also happens to be a bestseller in my fantasy landscape collection on Displate – went viral on Instagram that I genuinely comprehended I wanted to change touring, images and all the rest into a comprehensive time job. My gain was that I was 17 many years old and could set all of my time immediately after faculty into this interest of mine. I did not actually know what I was doing but I held an open up mind and got more action by move. While I made several blunders on the way, the one particular matter that I often did ideal was putting up actively. I saved artwork generation as my amount one particular precedence, and every thing else adopted.

You are really active on social media. How significant do you take into account the purpose of your on line presence in your artistic achievements?

I did not established any goals at very first, but when factors began to pick up on IG, I began to concentrate a lot more and more on the small business aspect and tactics. I imagine I would’ve never ever gotten any business tips or recognized any ventures if it was not for my social media expansion. It enthusiastic me and made me know I want to create an artwork business enterprise. But also I feel I would’ve held on doing work even if I didn’t thrive online, simply just due to the fact I genuinely appreciate the schedule of building artworks.

Who is your social media community and how do you interact with them?

My audience is a little bit divided given that I do so quite a few unique things. I do pictures in distinct models, I edit composites in different types, and I also create 3D renders. On major of this, I also instruct my skills, so there are many lesser communities adhering to me for different kinds of content. I interact with my audience as a result of DM’s, on the web courses, my Discord server and in common by means of my social media channels.

A single of the factors you teach is image editing. When do you know just that your operate is carried out and all set for publication?

This is a really hard dilemma. I assume that numerous artists can concur that it is tough to prevent enhancing. I’m not often pleased with what need to already be the “end result” and normally locate myself introducing more and additional outcomes. 

What aids me the most is taking a split from a piece. In some cases going away from the computer system and coming back again later lets you see your artwork in a different way. For me the impression is ready for publication when I lastly get that inner good sensation. Some days I do not get it at all and ditch a whole lot of assignments I start out, other periods I just nail matters at one try.

What sources do you use? Are they primarily your individual photographs? 

Nowadays it’s rather significantly only my personal photos. I never keep in mind the last time I employed a inventory impression for a composite piece, and it makes me truly content, mainly because that was my target when I started out. I wished to be at a position where by I never have to count on copyright-no cost stock images – and which is the place I am now. 

I also use my personal modifying resources like overlays and brushes which are produced out of my own visuals as very well. For my 3D renders I use A Large amount of various sources, but that world is completely individual from my pictures/composite do the job.

What is the essential to having the finest photograph? 

Simply being in the ideal area at the proper time. It doesn’t even generally subject what gear you have with you. I have realized that the only issue you cannot improve is the weather conditions, and in my view, that is the most vital issue when it will come to having superior photos. Realizing your devices inside of out will help with capturing times when anything great transpires and you have to act really speedy, but right after all I think it all will come down to weather.

Currently being a photographer is your task and largest passion. What would make you content when you’re not using images?

I grew up taking part in video clip video games, so when I have time, I try to recreation listed here and there. I also love paying out time with my girlfriend and buddies. A short while ago, I have picked up a new pastime – disc golfing. I also slackline and go for operates just about every now and then.

If you could share a number of strategies with pictures newcomers, what would you notify them?

Really don’t get annoyed with constrained accessibility to cameras, instruments, and other opportunities. Consider to create some thing every single single working day and maintain an open up brain for discovering new items day-to-day. Devote less time seeing information on Instagram and more time getting motivated to create. Attempt not to review on your own to other folks and have enjoyable in just your journey.

What are your most significant goals as a photographer and artist?

I would definitely like to journey to much more nations around the world and I hope I can carry on to do so with my girlfriend, who also creates artwork. I also want to get printed 1 day and try to get to 100k pupils with my classes. I adore to support and instruct so just about anything I can accomplish in that location will make me truly content.

Instagram: @visualsofjulius