Responses by Marina Willer, husband or wife, Pentagram.

Background: The short was to develop a new brand name identity for the Shakespeare Theatre Company (STC), expressing its audacious solution to common themes with a up to date level of perspective and appealing to each its current and new audiences.

Structure pondering: We intended a emblem combining traditional and modern day typography employing the letters STC and generating an interaction in between the two, reflecting how STC presents Shakespeare’s historic performs a new angle. The entire title generally seems in fashionable typography as a support wordmark, and the imagery is electric powered and vivid, reflecting STC’s refreshing position of view.

Difficulties: Presenting Shakespeare in a new gentle and displaying the relevance of the themes in our situations.

Favorite aspects: I’m actually delighted with the mix of all elements that form a complete language equally energetic and distinctive.

New lessons: Each individual project is an prospect to master. In this scenario, it intended diving into all of Shakespeare’s plays and looking at how various directors and artists have offered these typical topics in provocative ways.

Particular project requires: Theater faces issues in attracting audiences, specially with the advancement of electronic channels and new viewers practices publish-lockdown. There is significantly a lot more stress to attract notice now without having dumbing down the artistic value of these performs.

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