Lights can make or break a health and fitness portrait. Our aim is to emphasize the sort and definition of your matter as well as the movement if the supposed picture includes motion. In this tutorial, I’m likely to wander by a couple of simple exercise images lighting techniques.

In the course of this tutorial, we are going to be using lighting procedures and frameworks uncovered inside of our extensive Lighting and Portrait Photography Workshops on SLR Lounge. For every single remaining image edit, we’ll also be using Visual Movement‘s lighting affliction-primarily based presets for Lightroom. Let us dive in.

Gear Utilized:

  1. Canon EOS R5
  2. Canon RF 28-70mm f/2 L
  3. Profoto B10 TTL Off-Digital camera Flash
  4. Profoto OCF Grid
  5. Profoto Air Distant
  6. Manfrotto Nanostand

Scene #1: Locate/Use Natural “Bounces”

The white automobile gives a natural bounce for Derek.

For benefit, we made the decision to use a nearby community as our shoot area. It wasn’t suitable, but I figured it would make for a great problem. I started by inserting my issue Derek near a hedge that I considered could use to insert a little visual fascination to the graphic. Then, I moved him into some bounced light coming off a vehicle to boost the present mild course.  

It truly is appealing to glimpse at the change in light path with and without bounce from the auto. All I have completed listed here is transfer my subject matter back again a number of ft. 

Angle your issue to enable determine the shadows and highlights.

Seeking into a light-weight source will make flat light. When this can be excellent for beauty and portrait get the job done, it is not so fantastic for conditioning portraits exactly where we want to see muscle mass definition. To avoid flat light-weight, convert your topic absent from the light resource to generate depth and distinction to his/her variety. Spend shut attention to depth when you are undertaking this. 

With my subject going through the digital camera, the drugs ball came in useful to cover some of the background distractions. To disguise them even additional, I employed a lower angle and a broad aperture. Now that I have my composition and ambient gentle exposure dialed in, I can see that I have to have to insert a “bump” of light-weight to Derek himself. When I adore the direction of gentle, I require him to be a little bit brighter to stand out from the history. 

Now this element is crucial. I like my existing light high-quality and direction, I just need a little extra gentle on Derek. For the reason that of this, I am adding a Profoto B10 to the suitable of my topic. In fact, I am matching the actual angle of the bounced mild to sustain the current gentle sample. As always, be sure to area a sandbag or a heavy bag on your light stand to avert it from falling over. Applying High-Speed Sync and the flash established to 1/4 electricity (about 50-60 watt-seconds) this is what we get. 

Edited with VF Presets > Pastel Pack

A quick suggestion for any conditioning shoot is to take the picture immediately after your matter exhales and engages the main. Photographing in the course of inhalation can induce the matter to eliminate muscle mass definition. See the distinction beneath. 

Exhaling right before taking the shot helps with muscle mass definition

Previous tip listed here. For motion photographs, I recommend reduced angles. Performing so raises your subject’s existence and lets them to have handle more than the body. With this distinct action, the small angle exaggerated the movement. See the comparison between the two.

Reduced digicam angles increase existence and permit a topic to dominate the body

Scene #2: Use Immediate Sunlight

This upcoming scene was by considerably my favourite established of photos from our shoot. A handful of ft absent from the hedge I discovered a clear white wall that was catching some awesome angled sunlight. 

All over again, before we jump in I required to confront Derek into the light-weight just to show how flat light-weight erases definition. Instead, confront your subject matter into the camera at an angle or perpendicular to the sunshine. With just that delicate shift in angle, glance at the distinction and definition within just the images under. 

Capturing perpendicular to the light-weight creates distinction and depth.

A single vital detail, in the future two pictures you can see how hand positioning can have shadows across the physique in a way that conceals definition.

With your issue in position, shoot away! But right before you finish, make sure you move in and capture some of the information as you see below. I like the impression over in shade, but I am certainly a substantial admirer of having this established entirely to black and white. In this article I am making use of Visual Flow’s new B+W Mixer for Lightroom to generate these cinematic black and white edits. 

A different thing I love to do in advance of leaving a area is going for walks all-around seeking for other angles. When I did, I spotted this guard rail that was catching a attractive highlight. 

Utilized as a foreground, here is what it does for the graphic. 

This next scene fantastically demonstrated just how a lot can be finished with organic light and a simple qualifications. 

Scene #3: Using a Tedious Scene

For our last scene, were operating in Derek’s residence fitness center. With only all-natural light, we conclude up with a flat and uninteresting impression.

With only the ambient gentle, the picture appears very plain and flat.

For me, the crucial in a scene like this is to basically pull down the in-digicam publicity to darken the track record though including a small light to carry out the subject matter. 

I darkened the graphic to set the stage for my flash. I extra the mild from the very same direction to emphasize the existing light. 

Placing the B10 at a a little ahead angle, our initial graphic arrived out like the over-remaining impression. This correctly displays the great importance of a grid. Without having a grid, the mild will spill back onto the wall and you are going to lose your dramatic outcome. At the time the grid was put, I angled the flash to emphasize Derek’s deal with. Use your Emphasize Alert to make absolutely sure you you should not blow out any skin tones. 

And finally, I utilized this modest bush as a framing device to add a foreground to the scene.

Edited with VF Presets > Pastel Pack


I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial and located some reliable takeaways! For a additional extensive guideline on flash photography, be confident to check out out our the Flash Pictures Teaching Procedure within the SLR Lounge High quality Library. If there are any subject areas you all would like me to protect next, really feel free of charge to comment below!