The 1999 film The Mummy was a remake of the vintage 1932 film of the similar title, but with an totally various plot and established of events. Rick (Fraser) performed an Indiana Jones-like hero who was on the lookout to save the globe from the horrifying undead Egyptian priest, Imhotep. When viewers 1st fulfilled Rick, on the other hand, he was a prisoner of war and was owing to be hanged. This scene, regrettably, just about proved lethal for the actor when he obtained “completely choked out”.


Fraser a short while ago spoke out in an interview about the “terrifying” hanging scene, which confirmed him being saved by Evelyn Carnahan (Rachel Weisz).

He mentioned: “There was a hangman’s gallows, and there was a hemp rope tied into a noose that was placed all-around my neck. The initially get, I’m executing my greatest choking performing.

“[Director] Steve [Sommers] suggests: ‘Can we go for one more one particular and just take up the tension on the rope?’

“I said: ‘All proper, a single much more choose.’ Since a noose close to your neck’s heading to choke you in the arteries, no make any difference what.” (By using Leisure Weekly)

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Fraser went on to reveal how just one mistake pretty much killed him.

He stated: “So, the stuntman took up the pressure on the rope, and I went up on the balls of my ft, then I guess he took the tension up yet again, and I’m not a ballerina, I can not stand on my idea-toes.

“I don’t forget looking at the camera start to pan about, and then it was like a black iris at the close of a silent movie. It was like turning down the quantity change on your property stereo, like the Loss of life Star powering down.”

Thankfully, Fraser was sooner or later high-quality – but he was found to by professional medical specialists.

Stephen said: “[Brendan] is entirely to blame. He tightens the noose, and then, as we’re about to get the shot, he’s attempting to make it glance like it is genuinely strangling him.

“I guess it slash off his carotid artery, or no matter what, and knocked him out. He did it to himself.”

Fraser afterwards included that, because Stephen desired to “provide” that Rick was genuinely choking, then sure, “technically, it was his fault” for “subsequent my director’s instructions”.

The American star additional that, ahead of the camera landed on him, he took “3 seriously deep breaths” so his facial area “turned purple”.

Fraser went on: “That experienced to have been a [lesson in how] to asphyxiate oneself. I indicate, that had to have been it.”

The star went on to operate with Sommers once more in the sequel to The Mummy – The Mummy Returns – in 2001.

The Mummy and The Mummy Returns are available to rent on Amazon Prime Video.